Bill Savers Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

This is a legal agreement between you and Bill Savers, that outlines the terms and conditions that apply to your access of Bill Savers services to save money on your monthly bills. By using Bill Savers, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions listed below and our Privacy Policy. If you do not agree with our Terms and Conditions or our Privacy Policy, do not use or access our website(s) or services.

Bill Savers is experienced as a consultant to individuals, companies and organizations wishing to lower their monthly bills in the general areas of, but not limited to: cell phone, cable/satellite TV, internet, phone, alarm services, etc. Bill Savers will negotiate with your service providers for discounts on your monthly bills. We will only make changes to features or services on your account (other than adding discounts, credits or promotions) with your permission. Bill Savers does not guarantee that savings will be achieved during each negotiation.
You agree to provide us accurate and current information, including but not limited to: name, address, phone number, email address, and any passcodes or other verification information required by service providers to negotiate on your behalf. Your personal information is confidential and will only be used within the scope of negotiating discounts and for internal purposes. Bill Savers must receive copies of your monthly bill statements with the necessary information required to negotiate discounts on your behalf, such as account number, outline of services/features, etc. You may send them to Bill Savers through our website, email; or provide information for your Savings Expert to obtain statements directly from your provider. Some service providers require that you verbally authorize your Savings Expert to speak on your behalf. If this is required as a security measure by your service provider, we won't be able to negotiate savings on your behalf until you provide your consent. The person who signs up with Bill Savers is the person responsible for any and all charges owed to Bill Savers, regardless of the name on the provider statement. You may submit bills under the name of a third party, such as a spouse, family member, friend or roommate; however, you are responsible for paying fees to Bill Savers
There is no up-front cost to use Bill Savers.
a) If Bill Savers saves you money, you agree to pay Bill Savers 35% of the savings over the first 12 months.
b) If Bill Savers does not save you money, there is no charge to you.
Bill Savers will invoice you for 35% of the savings achieved. Savings that are a known amount, such as $10 per month, can be paid monthly; or paid in full at the beginning of the savings period for an additional 10% discount.
Bill Savers uses an online billing system. You will receive an invoice via email, and can view and pay the invoices.
Pay in Full: If you pay in full for known savings, you can pay online or mail us a check/money order by the invoice due date. If you do not pay your first invoice by its due date, the 10% discount will be removed. 10% pay in full discount only applies to recurring savings, and does not apply to one-time credits or discounts. Monthly: If you opt to pay your known savings monthly, we offer monthly recurring payments on all major credit/debit cards. If your recurring payment does not go through, we will assess applicable late fees and we reserve the right to demand payment in full.
Payment is due within 15 days of the invoice date. If payment is not received within 15 days, we may charge you a late fee of $5 per month. If your payment is returned or otherwise rejected for non-sufficient funds, fraud, or any reason, you will be responsible for paying any applicable fees, including bounced check fees, etc.
If you do not pay Bill Savers according to these Terms & Conditions, we may charge you a late fee of $5 per month. We also reserve the right to demand payment in full if you are delinquent in paying monthly. If Bill Savers accepts late or partial payments, we do not waive our right to collect all amounts owed.
Your savings should appear on your provider statements as outlined by your Savings Expert.
a) If the savings do not appear as discussed, you must notify Bill Savers within 30 days of receiving your Bill Savers invoice. We will investigate with the service provider and attempt to rectify any mistake. If the savings are not going to appear as originally discussed, Bill Savers will update its invoice accordingly.
b) If you do not notify Bill Savers within 30 days, it is assumed the savings appear as discussed and you will owe any applicable fees
If you cancel your service before all savings appear on your bill(s), you must send documentation showing last date of service, and Bill Savers will adjust your invoice accordingly. If you have paid in advance, we will issue you a credit to use toward future savings with Bill Savers.
If you are unsatisfied with Bill Savers services for any reason, you must contact Bill Savers and allow us to rectify the situation before attempting a chargeback or making a complaint about the company. Any fees incurred because of a chargeback may be assessed to you.
Bill Savers shall in no event be liable or responsible for any damages to you or to any third party, whether in contract, warranty, tort (including negligence), statute or any other legal theory, or otherwise, for any special, direct, indirect, consequential, incidental, exemplary, liquidated or punitive damages, arising in whole or in part from your access to our websites and/or services. Bill Savers will have no liability to you or any third party for content uploaded to or downloaded from our website or services. By using our websites and/or services, you shall indemnify, defend and hold harmless Bill Savers and its officers, employees and agents from and against all claims, damages and expenses.
Bill Savers does not provide financial, legal or tax advice. All services or information provided is not intended to be financial, legal or tax advice. Before making financial decisions, you should consult with your accountant, attorney or other professional advisors who are aware of your personal circumstances.
You may not use our services or websites other than as expressly allowed. Any commercial or promotional distribution, publishing or exploitation of our service, content, or other materials is strictly prohibited unless you have received the express written permission from authorized personnel of Bill Savers. You are prohibited from accessing or attempting to access information and/or property of Bill Savers that does not pertain to you, including but not limited to account information, computer equipment and networks, etc. You must comply with all applicable laws and regulations, including but not limited to hacking, phishing, fraud, spamming, etc. You may not impersonate another user, misrepresent yourself, or provide false information to Bill Savers. You may not engage in any activity which encourages conduct that is unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, tortuous, harassing, defamatory, obscene, offensive, libelous, hateful or otherwise objectionable. You may not infringe on the rights or privacy of any person or entity. You may not transmit or communicate any content or file that is harmful or potentially damaging, including but not limited to spyware, viruses, worms, etc. You may not attempt to decipher, decode or reverse-engineer any of the software or other electronic equipment that belongs to or is used by Bill Savers. You may not compromise or otherwise interfere, in whole or in part, with the actions of Bill Savers or its officers, agents and employees.
By using our websites and/or services, you are granting us the authority to act on your behalf with your service providers. You acknowledge and agree that Bill Savers is authorized to speak with service providers on your behalf and make changes to your account, services, and/or features.
Bill Savers reserves the right to make changes or updates to our websites, services or content at any time without notice, including but not limited to these Terms & Conditions, billing process, etc. You accept and agree to be bound by any changes to these Terms & Conditions when you use our services or websites after the changes are posted
This agreement, its interpretation and its application shall be governed by the laws of the Province of Manitoba, and the parties agree that venue shall be in the federal and state district courts of Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Any dispute with Bill Savers, or its officers, employees or agents, shall be resolved through binding arbitration. You agree to waive your right to a trial by jury or to participate in a class action. You agree that you or Bill Savers may bring claims against the other only on an individual basis, and not as part of a class. Class arbitrations and class actions are not permitted. In the event of any legal proceeding between any of the parties to enforce or defend the terms in this agreement, the prevailing party or parties shall be paid all costs of such legal proceeding, including but not limited to reasonable and necessary attorney's fees, court costs, travel, etc., by the other party or parties.
Our website or content may mention or contain links to third party services or websites. Bill Savers is not responsible for and does not endorse any third parties or their products/services. You are responsible and liable for any claims, offers, promotions, etc., before purchasing from or dealing with a third party, even if they are partnered or otherwise affiliated with Bill Savers. Any transactions or dealings made by you with any third parties are exclusive between you and the third party, and Bill Savers is not responsible.
If you create an online account with Bill Savers, you are responsible for maintaining the security of your username and password. If you share your information with anyone, you are liable for any resulting damage or harm. If you believe your information has been compromised, you must notify Bill Savers immediately. You are responsible for keeping your account information current and accurate. Bill Savers is not responsible for any other person or entity gaining access to your account, whether obtained through you, or through violation of these Terms and Conditions.
The content and all services and products associated with Bill Savers are provided to you “as-is”. We make no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied. Bill Savers does not guarantee the amount of, or if any savings will be achieved during a negotiation. You expressly agree that your use of Bill Savers services or websites is at your sole risk.

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